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Five Education Marketing Priorities in Turbulent Times

The COVID-19 pandemic is an event without precedent, impacting us all both personally and professionally. It’s a time when business leaders should take the initiative in supporting their employe...

Charlene Blohm

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Unlock Your Marketing with These Six Keys

If you market your services to schools and districts, there is something you need to read. A new report from our friends at C. Blohm and Associates (CB&A) is right on the money. I was cruisi...

Charles Sosnik

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You Got an Article Published… Now What?

You’ve just had an article published that features your EdTech product. Congratulations! You chose your  preferred outlet  wisely. Your crafted a  compelling pitch , and the editor said yes. Now...

Mandi Andrejka

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Purchasing Data vs. Organic Email Lists

The ease and familiarity of emailing contacts to convey a message is a general no-brainer for many companies. However, sending an email to an email address of your desired prospect doesn’t mean ...

Leah Rogers

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High-Tech Takes on K-12: How Executives from the Tech Industry’s Biggest Players Apply Best Practices to Classroom Solutions

Experience at the largest technology companies in the world helps you know your way around a boardroom – but what about the classroom? As we’ve both come from two of the giants, Amazon (Steve) a...

Steve Halliwell and Cheryl Miller

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Attention Education Companies: Quid Pro Quo Dealing has Serious Consequences for You and Your Customers

A number of organizations, some who are quasi-government entities and some who are for-profit companies, continue to create pay-to-play events in education.  They pay superintendents to attend i...

LeiLani Cauthen

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Content Offers: What They Are and How to Use Them

One of the things that gets me most excited as a marketer is  uncovering new information  to solve problems. I’m eager to explain how to do exactly that with one of my favorite tools: content of...

Benjamin Bachman

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What are you thankful for?

It occurs to me at this season of giving thanks, that we in the education biz have a lot to be thankful for. We are in an industry that literally changes lives. Not everyone can say that. Ever...

Charles Sosnik

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Follow the News for Timely Education marketing Content

Creating content that attracts an engaged audience is tricky enough. Holding an audience’s attention is even more difficult. One often overlooked place to find inspiration for education marketin...

Saul Hafenbredl

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Advice for the Edupreneur: Getting Started

If you can build a better mousetrap, then you’ll need to build a better path to your door.

Charles Sosnik

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3 Things Marketers should think about as the school year comes to a close

As we enter the homestretch of another school year, we also enter the homestretch of another buying cycle in the education market. This is the primary focus of nearly every sales and marketing t...

Jacob Hanson

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Your Hidden Sales Flaw

A challenge to get your marketing on and put out something extremely interesting and fragrant with buyer appeals

LeiLani Cauthen, CEO & Publisher

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Which Solutions Will Stick Once ESSER Funding Is Gone?

It’s the multibillion-dollar question that business-to-education (B2E) marketers are trying to predict: Once the federal COVID stimulus money has been spent, which programs and services will ...

Lauren West


The Overweight Education Structure

It occurred to me recently that, in all the Learning Counsel’s talking with schools about the real issue being structure as the preeminent change to make in digital transition, we ought to be ...

LeiLani Cauthen, Publisher

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Three Near-Term Innovation Areas for K12
K12 human resources are crucial to utilizing the cloud successfully. Roles and responsibilities have all changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic, and a new trend to move to core co...
An Essential Audio Ingredient in Today’s Accessible Learning Environments
Today’s learning environments have changed markedly from just a couple years ago, prior to the pandemic. Tech devices are comprehensively in both the student and teacher hands, but are they missin...
The Gaps Remaining for District Digital Transition
Most administrators know there are still gaps remaining in their school or district’s digital transition. Recent studies including the 2021 Digital Transition Surveys for Administrators and Teache...
5 Steps to Fixing the Hidden Traffic of Records Management Overwhelming Schools
How come digital processes seem easier but are often harder to manage? A major shift to digital teaching and learning in schools has developed an additional digital traffic load for teachers and f...
From Chaos to Learning Recovery: Going from Manual-Digital All the Way to Efficiency
Seeing the Levels of Chaos Helps Anchor Bringing Order Schools and districts that recently lost 4 percent of students to alternatives continued to lose students in 2021 at an accelerated pace (no...
Hybrid Logistics Security
Your district is a brand, and your network security helps power its reputation. With the accelerated move to hybrid learning environments over the past year, school districts across the nation are...