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Unique Perspective

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them. That’s paraphrasing one of Steve Jobs’ famous quotes. Today in education, there are alternatives to traditional public schools that are not necessarily alternative. Yet the mood of society is practically mutiny against traditional schooling in its aspirations for something different, but to what? They don’t know. Certainly, a lot of school leaders think they know, but the evidence is in their practice that they don’t really see how things should work today in teaching and learning. Are we understanding everything we need to about true structural shift away from the industrial age models? Choice is no choice at all if you don’t understand structure and, particularly, the fact that tech changes everything. It’s not the individual devices and bits of software or the teacher’s practice, it’s the sum of the effect, and more interestingly, which technology or logistics or trend reckoning or teaching method is missing and unapplied. The most important thing is to talk about, to show, the actual future."

Listen in as LeiLani hosts talks with both education and tech company leadership, presenting a unique perspective from her background as a researcher, author, technology developer and strategist.

May 30, 2023
Making the Most of Remaining ESSER Funds

Fear of the “fiscal cliff” and what to spend remaining ESSER funds on is a hot topic in schools.  Listen in as Leilani discusses the topic with Jon Hummell, Director of State Initiatives at Lexia Learning. Productive use of the money may not be what you think.

May 11, 2023
AI and Algebraic Thinking About Time and Space in Schools

Listen in as LeiLani chats with Maurice Draggon, Sr. Director of Digital Learning at Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, Florida. First they discuss the implications of AI in schools and then the emerging time and space AI known as Intelligent Calendaring for its possibilities and then the combination of both new technologies for “uberizing” learning. Along the way, comments about what AI will not do and the human teacher intersecting live with students more efficiently makes for an interesting conversation you don’t want to miss.

April 10, 2023
Shrinking School IT Teams and 3 Imperatives

Listen in as LeiLani discusses the problems of shrinking school IT teams and three imperatives with Mary Schlegelmilch, who as a former educator has extensive knowledge in distance learning and online learning as a member of the Cisco Education team. Discover how the three imperatives are a “team sport” of administrative, teacher and even bus driver activity.

April 3, 2023
What is the Science of Reading (Through the Lens of Pedagogy and Teacher Practice)?

Listen in as LeiLani learns a thing or two about the what the science of reading really is from Carey Sweet, National Senior Education Advisor Education Partnerships at Lexia Learning. While reading may be thousands of years old, the science of it has evolved over time. Good literacy instruction has elements and components – and deliberate practice. For certain the wars over reading instruction are getting an infusion of research and new approaches that are worth finding out about.

March 20, 2023
A Social-Emotional Imperative: Supporting both Dyslexia and Developmental Language Disorders (DLD) through Software Innovation

Every Superintendent in America seems to be identifying their number one issue is the social-emotional wellness of students. Interestingly, aspects of instruction may be the front line of address. Missing ingredients to instruction can exacerbate problems with achievement for students with dyslexia or DLD – inevitably reducing willingness and wellness. Who knew how different and interrelated reading and comprehension issues were for both, and how student agency and exact teaching practices could make a world of difference? Find out in this important discussion with Dr. Suzanne Carreker from Lexia Learning.

Jan. 23, 2023
Education Technology for Emergent Bilinguals: Overlooked Aspects to Consider When Interpreting the Research

In this episode of the Learning Leadership Society Podcast, your host, Learning Counsel News Media and Research CEO LeiLani Cauthen, talks with Nicholas Feroce, Ph.D., Research Scientist at Lexia Learning about research design in the area of emergent bilinguals, and program causality to effect notable gains among that population.

Jan. 5, 2023
Cybersecurity in K12

In this episode of the Learning Leadership Society Podcast, your host, Learning Counsel News Media and Research CEO LeiLani Cauthen, talks with Mary Schlegelmilch, Education Advocate at Cisco. They discuss the changes in K-12 education, and how the pandemic changed culture and mindset, and brought cybersecurity in education to another dimension.

Nov. 11, 2022
Dimensions to Math Equity

In this episode of the Learning Leadership Society Podcast, Host LeiLani Cauthen speaks with Twana Young, Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction for Mind Research Institute. In addition to access, Young explains that there's also agency and power and identity and belonging, and those are all part of the different dimensions of equity, especially around mathematics. As Mind Research Institute builds out content and curriculum, they are thinking about the opportunities for agency, and who has the power. It is a fascinating look at equity through a different lens.

Nov. 10, 2022
Accelerating Math Learning through the Science of Math

In this episode of the Learning Leadership Society Podcast, Host LeiLani Cauthen speaks with Nigel Nisbet, Vice President of Content Creation at the MIND Research Institute. Nisbet shifts the question from ‘How should I teach,' to ‘How do they learn?’ It’s a profound difference which helps you to focus on optimal learning methodologies, and to gain an understanding of the Science of Math.

Oct. 26, 2022
Inspiring Math Learning through the Science of Math

Host LeiLani Cauthen speaks with Jay Flores, Global STEM Ambassador, and founder of Invent the Change. “If our youth aren't loving math, or at least somewhat excited by it and challenged by it in positive ways, then they're going to have trouble with those problem-solving skills and navigating through ordinary life in the future,” said Flores. This is a fascinating look at the value of mathematics and STEM in the world of Emergent Bilinguals.