A Vision of the Future of Education

This Special Report, Becoming Expo Learning, explains the final phase of the digital transition: becoming focused on the complete experience the institution delivers. It is a vision for what the future will look like as all the capabilities of tech converge in the education sector. It contains insight into why schools everywhere are experiencing a “sense of disequilibrium,” as so many said in our most recent survey, and advice on how schools can adapt.

In order to administer the ever-changing software and digital content in the market while appealing to today’s learners with true personalization, it will be necessary to shift the way schools structure their teaching delivery and scheduling.

This type of redesign offers a quantum leap in efficiency. The secret ingredient is digital workflow, which is key to providing a truly changed experience in learning that draws and retains students. Meeting students on their channel, the digital-verse, gets schools in sync with current culture. Interweaving small group work, hands-on projects, sports and some traditional whole-group lectures has the ability to “sell” the school experience to students who might otherwise be more inclined to alternatives.

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