Designed for Digital

Designed for Digital means moving the entire organizational structure, the delivery of teaching and learning, to fit the tech age. It’s not the old virtual or distance learning of the last generation, which left the hundred-plus-year-old bureaucracies in place but set up an independent method that often did not work for some students. No, it’s not a slight thing, and it won’t be easy. The new designed-for-digital education enterprise would reverse engineer the analog (people and place) aspects into a digital-first entity. It would flip to digital. Flip to student-centricity instead of teacher-centricity. Flip to workflow instead of industrial-age delivery by stair-step grades, walled-off classrooms, schedules that end at 3 p.m. and more. Such a redesign would fit current expectations because of what people experience in other sectors, where there is an App for everything. It would emphasize personalizing learning paths for real. It would leverage the teachers for their humanity and not overburden them with all aspects of lesson planning, analytics, data entry and a mile-high tech and Apps stack.

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