Your Share of the Stimulus Wallet

Air Date: Aug. 31, 2022

In this episode of the Learning Leadership Society Podcast, your host, Learning Counsel News Media and Research CEO LeiLani Cauthen talks with Phyllis Jordan, Associate Director of Future Ed, and Brittany Martin, Education Department Relations Manager at Lexia Learning. “The Learning Counsel has been tracking Stimulus funds and spending with our big national surveys,” said Cauthen. “There's anywhere from $140 billion and maybe as much as $171 billion still in the game for K12. And a lot of that money is the last act, which is going straight to districts, so the states don't get to play funny money with it. The districts have to spend it and we're imploring them to do that, and most of it is voiced by that act towards technology. So, let's talk about this. What have the two of you been hearing?”

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