Workflow: A small word with big benefits

The term Workflow in the age of digital transformation typically involves the transportation of information associated with certain processes triggered by rules to accomplish a goal. That’s a somewhat simple definition for what can be a very complicated scenario for school districts as well as higher education. In today’s world, the overburdening of technology in schools presents both a problem and an opportunity. The problems are evident within virtually every school organization, such as multi-platform fatigue, lack of systems interoperability, organic deployments lacking adequate change management or professional development. The opportunity exists within most school organizations as well – to realize the fantastic promise of technology to create the conditions for improved business and personnel operations as well as individual learning paths and true student-directed personalized learning. The Learning Counsel has identified workflow as the missing link in education performance for academics and business operations – the elusive “last mile” to help manage these intricacies and provide efficiencies for teachers, staff and students, saving time and resources in certain areas, for instance with administrative processes, to open up the needed space for true personalization in learning, aiding teacher retention and reducing transportation costs. WHAT'S INSIDE Download the Poster:

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