Creating the Ideal Lab

Computer labs have come back in a huge way. If you’d like one for your school, here’s a step by step guide. Once thought to be easily replaceable with an iPad or Chromebook, the computer lab has come back in a big way – not as a replacement for personal computing devices, but as a real, practical conduit to career readiness. Today’s computer labs are purposeful. Relevant. They give students real world experience on professional-grade equipment, allowing them to sample careers, gain employable skills and receive industry certifications. And as computing power has escalated, prices have decreased. Today, high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools are creating career labs of the future for less than the cost of classroom furniture. If you’d like one for your schools, it’s very easy to do. And, it’s proving to be to be a primary catalyst for student enrollment, offering parents a powerful incentive to choose your schools. To learn what you need to do to create your own Lab of the Future, download this Learning Counsel Journal Poster. WHAT'S INSIDE Download the Poster:

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