Beating Back Enrollment Loss by Bridging to Personalized Learning Pathway

Almost every school today needs to counteract enrollment loss to opt-outers who are part of the growing “choice” movement, all seeking alternatives that will suit their individual needs. We now live in a society with a shopper-mentality when it comes to education. What’s the fix? Dubbed an “Un-LMS,” the new student-centric personal learning pathway systems (PLPS) are the mirror opposite of traditional Learning Management Systems. It’s a revolution in the form of delivery. This type of system allows schools to start flipping the organizational construct to a new flow of learning that enables teachers and schools to truly personalize and promises increased student achievement. What are the differences from prior systems? How can schools pilot a personalized learning pathway system? Download this whitepaper to find out why these new systems are imperative for schools today, and how they should empower teachers. Learn the key components and how the mix of them with workflow and interface equal a compelling difference for learning experience and impact. Finally, consider the steps of implementation or a pilot of this latest evolution of technology for schools to meet today’s expectations.

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