Tech can either simplify a situation or make it more complex. The decisions invariably lay in the hands of someone like Ashley Weaver, Instructional Technology Coach at Kearney School District. Creating the training and teacher supports during a year like the one we’ve just had is a challenge, yet Weaver makes it look easy, making each step in the journey a little easier for her teachers. According to Weaver, “I've found that our teachers are super resourceful. Of course, they have been reaching out and after this year, I'm telling you what, those tech skills were really going to be through the roof. So, there's a positive to all this craziness really. We took this unusual experience that we had. Yes, it was bumpy. Yes, there were a lot of challenges. But ultimately, I do see there's a lot of positive coming out of this. Teachers are rethinking how they're going to present curriculum. I think our snow days are non-existent from now on, because we will have the ability to still have school, even if we are virtual.”

In this educator discussion, you’ll see the journey taken by the Kearney School District, with an emphasis on all the tech used to lighten the load for both teacher and learner. Learn the thinking behind the decisions and find tips and tricks you can use at your own school or district.