At the Learning Counsel Learning Logistics and Tech Tour event in Nashville, TN, Michelle James Dircksen, Director of Technology at Humphreys County School System, delivered a compelling presentation on the human aspect of leadership in education technology. With a focus on engaging teams and fostering servant leadership, Dircksen shared valuable insights into creating a collaborative and empowering environment for educators and students alike.

Dircksen emphasized the importance of engaging teams and overcoming the intimidation factor often associated with technology. She highlighted the need for leaders to connect with their teams on a human level, recognizing that technology can be daunting for many educators and students. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, leaders can empower their teams to embrace technology and drive meaningful change in education.

Dircksen challenged conventional notions of leadership, emphasizing that true leadership goes beyond rank or authority. She defined leadership as the responsibility to uplift and empower those around us, regardless of formal titles or positions. Drawing on the concept of servant leadership, she stressed the importance of serving others' dreams and aspirations, rather than focusing solely on bottom-line results.

A key theme of Michelle's presentation was the importance of courage in leadership. She highlighted the courage required to advance a vision, take risks on people, and speak truth to power. Dircksen emphasized that courage is a fundamental characteristic of effective leadership, enabling leaders to navigate challenges and make principled decisions with integrity.

She emphasized the importance of continuous learning in leadership development. She underscored that even the most seasoned leaders are constantly evolving and seeking new insights into effective leadership practices. By embracing a mindset of continual learning, leaders can stay adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of their teams and organizations.

Michelle James Dircksen's presentation at the Learning Counsel Learning Logistics and Tech Tour event offered valuable insights into the human side of leadership in education technology. Her emphasis on engaging teams, embracing servant leadership, and demonstrating courage underscored the importance of creating supportive and empowering environments in educational settings. As educators navigate the complexities of technology integration and innovation, her message serves as a reminder of the transformative power of compassionate and courageous leadership.

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