The 10th Annual National Awards event recently convened a dynamic Product Trends Panel focusing on Classroom Technology, featuring industry leaders Craig Justice, Executive Vice President of Hovercam, Tony Ziekle, Senior Vice President of Revenue at Lightspeed Technologies, and Dr. Micah Shippee, Director of Educational Technology Consulting and Solutions at Samsung. The session delved into the latest advancements in educational technology and how these innovations are shaping the classroom experience for students and educators alike.

The panel kicked off with a fundamental question: "What is new with your product and services?" Craig Justice from Hovercam emphasized the importance of empowering teachers with mobility within the classroom. Hovercam is dedicated to creating solutions that enable educators to move freely around the room while maintaining seamless access to instructional tools and resources. Justice highlighted the significant strides being made in wireless technology, emphasizing Hovercam's commitment to developing wireless products that seamlessly integrate with existing WiFi networks, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and enhanced flexibility for educators.

Tony Ziekle of Lightspeed Technologies underscored the pivotal role of instructional audio in facilitating effective teaching and learning experiences. Lightspeed Technologies has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions, such as microphones for teachers and low-volume, highly intelligible speakers dispersed throughout the classroom. This ensures that all students, regardless of their location within the classroom, can clearly hear instructional content, as well as contributions from their peers during presentations and discussions. Ziekle emphasized the importance of audio in the learning process, highlighting its central role in facilitating comprehension and engagement among students.

Dr. Micah Shippee of Samsung shed light on the evolving landscape of front-of-classroom technology and its potential to amplify effective teaching practices. Samsung has been exploring advancements in casting and broadcasting technology, allowing students to share their work with the entire class in real-time. Shippee emphasized the importance of creating an inclusive learning environment where every student feels empowered and engaged. Additionally, Samsung is prioritizing safety and security in classroom tech, leveraging digital signage to disseminate important messages efficiently through centralized management systems.

The insights shared by the panelists underscored the transformative potential of classroom technology in enhancing teaching and learning experiences. From empowering educators with mobility to ensuring equitable access to instructional content through innovative audio solutions and casting technology, these advancements are revolutionizing the modern classroom. As educators continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, collaborations between industry leaders and educational stakeholders will be instrumental in driving innovation and fostering positive outcomes for students worldwide.

Watch the full video below.