Randa is working on the leading edge of digital identity, making great strides helping teachers with credentialing, and they recently won the American Council on Education's Blockchain Innovation Challenge.
The project they submitted to ACE is called the Lifelong Learner Project. It is about building out an ecosystem for teacher digital identity. According to Kimberly Linson, Director of Business Development at Randa, “This is the idea that we will start with teachers and build a digital identity for you. We think that your teachers are the right folks to start with, because if teachers do it, then it's going to be easy to move down into students and have students who are already seeing the modeling that you're doing, of how you manage your data. They're going to be able to do it. And it will expand into other careers. Teachers are the most important leaders, so that's how we've started. We're going to empower 3000 teachers with their digital identity and connect you into this ecosystem.

“We believe the future of this is so powerful, especially as we move into the new Dawn of education where you are no longer bound by four walls of a classroom. If you're an AP chemistry teacher for example, you could teach in five rural school districts online, and you're going to need to be able to have the portability.”

Find out about the future of digital credentials in education and learn about the power in your own personal identity. It’s the future, and Randa Solutions is making it happen today.