Janell McClure, Director – Applied Learning and Design, along with Stacey Buckalew, Director of CTLS Academics and Megan Stanfill, Supervisor for Digital Transformation share the great work they are doing in Cobb County.

As Janell and her team shared on the topic of “Becoming Human Alongside Tech, “the tech can do what the tech can do so that humans can do what humans do. So, that is a lot of what you have heard us talk about at the Learning Counsel Georgia meetings over the last several years. WE have talked about how in this district, we have developed our own LMS called the Cobb Teaching and Learning System (CTLS) in an effort to customize a platform that works for teachers.”

Watch this video as Janell and some of her team discuss the approach they have taken to make huge strides for the better in their district.