ET Magazine, home of the greatest minds in education technology, is pleased to announce that Stephen Noonoo will be joining the staff as Chief Editorial Officer (CEO). In this role, Stephen will help direct the magazine’s editorial content, along with the editorial advisory board. In addition, Stephen will host the magazine’s feature podcast, The Greatest Minds in EdTech.

Stephen brings extensive experience to the role, including as a Contributing Editor at Edutopia, K-12 Editor at EdSurge, and Editor-in-Chief at eSchoolNews. Although he has been an editor at some of the finest education media titles in the world, he is best known for his intelligent, journalistic approach to his writing with work appearing in The New Republic, HuffPost, Education Week, and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s High Flyer. At ET Magazine, Stephen plans to work with the writers, making sure their articles are the best they can be.

Started in 2022, ET Magazine was the brainchild of Editorial Advisory Board members Charlie Warhaftig and Sal Gerardo, along with editor Charles Sosnik. They believed that there was a place for in-depth editorial pieces written by the top people in the EdTech field, as well as leading educators, government officials and heads of nonprofit organizations. All articles are forward-leaning, behind the scenes pieces written by global thought leaders making the changes we need in education.

According to Co-Founder Charles Sosnik, “We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Stephen Noonoo. His editing skills are amazing, and he is one of the finest education writers I have ever met. We find ourselves at a very crucial time in education. To quote another famous Charles, ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ I look forward to having Stephen lead us into the future, into the best of times.”

About ET Magazine

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