As AI continues to transform the technology industry, many product managers and developer teams find themselves grappling with a substantial knowledge gap. In response to this critical issue, product management veteran Luis Jurado has launched his new book, "The AI-Powered Product Manager: Combining Strategy and Technology."

This comprehensive guide aims to empower product managers with the essential tools to navigate the ever-changing world of AI and Machine Learning. With over 400 pages of in-depth content, the book demystifies the complex intersection of product management, business strategy, and technology.

It delivers a wealth of insights on key topics such as mastering business strategy for Machine Learning and AI, understanding diverse learning algorithms, effective product discovery with AI, implementing best practices in data management, leading in ML/AI product development, managing Data Scientists and ML Engineers, enhancing internal stakeholder communication, and addressing concerns around privacy and bias.

About the Author

Luis Jurado, a product management expert with over ten years of experience, is known for his innovative product strategies and strong leadership. During his tenure at Vulkanostudio, Luis demonstrated his technical aptitude by leveraging advanced analytics and big-data tools to augment customer experiences.

With his new book, "The AI-Powered Product Manager: Combining Strategy and Technology," Luis aims to share his insights and experiences, offering a valuable resource for junior and senior product managers worldwide.