(Sacramento, CA December 15, 2020) This year is clearly a landscape shift for educational technologies. It is important to remember how far we have come in only a few decades with technology to be able to still see our students via video, to both distribute instructional materials and watch them progress in software, to talk to them live from a distance and help them to learn. We must count our blessings for the modern tools that have saved learning in whole or in part for tens of millions of students. 

Now in its eighth year, the Learning Counsel’s Digital Transition Survey had more than 32,000 schools and districts participate. Over 1,000 schools and districts made it to the review stage, and over 100 made it into final analysis. This is more than twice any other year. The finishers for EduJedi Levels being granted in 2020 are 65, more than four times the number of levels ever granted by the Learning Counsel and the EduJedi in any year of this survey.

According to LeiLani Cauthen, CEO and Publisher at The Learning Counsel, “We are proud of every single educator and every single school who is doing their best to still provide learning in these challenging times, and the many who are pulling off better achievement no matter what.”

This Year’s Winners

EduJedi Gainers

  • Adrien Block Intermediate School 25, Flushing, NY

1 School

1,172 Students

This school uses digital tools and makes students accountable for their end of engagement, checking in, and ensuring they are moving through assignments. The school is gaining on support for remote learning and all staff are becoming more proficient with technology.

Tech List: Google, Clever, Canvas, Jcampus, Prodigy, SER, JPAMS, Zearn, Amplify.


  • Albuquerque Public Schools, Albuquerque, NM

170 Schools

74,497 Students

Teachers well supported by leadership and ongoing collaboration to use online resources and platforms has this District helping students and families with a quality digital learning plan.

Tech List: Google, Parentvue, Youtube, Age of Learning (ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, ReadingIQ), ABCYa, BrainPop, Breakout Edu, Code.Org, Cool Math Games, Duolingo, Epic!, Freckle, FunBrain, i-Ready, Kahoot!, Khan Academy, Lumosity, PBS Learning Media, Prodigy, Quizizz, ScreenCastify, Steve Spangler Science, TI Inspire, Tour Builder, Tynker, Vidcode, XtraMath.org, Yousician , and numerous others including dedicated Spanish resources.


  • Alief Independent School District, Houston, TX

49 Schools

42,057 Students

This district’s exceptional customer service and technical support enables a technology rich environment and creates a positive experience for students and staff. Their Distance Learning Program continues to grow and provides both dual credit courses and a variety of online classes offered through the Texas Virtual School Network.

Tech List: Google, Destiny Library, Schoology, Britannica Digital Learning, Brainpop, National Geographic Kids, Gale Online Resources, Learning Express, PebbleGo, Proquest SIRS Discoverer, TeachingBooks.net, The World Almanac for Kids, WorldBook Online, WorldBook Dramatic Learning, Connexus.


  • Bay Area Technology School, Oakland, CA

1 School

360 Students

Students have been well accustomed to working online and the school is advancing every student as much as two grade years in ELA and Math routinely. Despite many languages and major cultural change, the school achieves results with approximately 25% free digital resources and 75% paid professional resources.

Tech List: iReady, IXL, Aeries.


  • Boise City Public Schools, Boise City, OK

1 School

215 Students

This small but mighty district is using tech tools efficiently towards a distance and blended learning gain for all students.

Tech List: Google, Zoom, other courseware


  • Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School, Brooklyn, NY

1 School

300 Students

This school has achieved 50-75% screen learning for students and gotten teachers comfortable with technology in a hybrid environment. With big achievements in online events, the school maintains the sense of community despite much of learning remaining remote.

Tech List: Google, Newsela, Flocabulary, Brainpop, Dreambox, Deanslist, Teacherease.


  • Bunker Hill CUSD #8, Bunker Hill, IL

2 Schools

620 Students

With an inquisitive and strong Superintendent leading, this district has moved to a hybrid model and is on their way with their own mobile app.

Tech List: Google, Microsoft, other digital resources. 


  • Celina ISD, Celina, TX

5 Schools

2,809 Students

This district has undergone ground-breaking changes and is working diligently for a bright digital future.

Tech List: Google, Apple, Mathway Algebra, Khan Academy, WolframAlpha, Calchat, Larson Calculus, Powtoon, Flipgrid, Knovio, Animoto, PixLR, Padlet, Flikr, Canva, Prezi, TodaysMeet, eLink.io.


  • Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, Clarksville, TN

41 Schools

39,000 Students

This District of Innovation offers unique programs inclusive of a shift to technology in a rural area of Texas where the vision includes engaged and motivated students with a slogan of “Shorthorns Forever.” 

Tech List: ACT Resources, Powerschool


  • Classical Academy, Clifton, NJ

1 School

170 Students

This school has gained the ability to deliver hybrid learning with staggered on-site attendance at school site by grades, plus teacher office hours in a flexible student-centric environment.

Tech List: Google Classroom. 


  • Culberson County-Allamoore ISD, Van Horn, TX

1 School

386 Students

This District has a lot of leadership know-how in a small group. Attention to tech transition includes acknowledgement of pressure from consumer-level personalized digital experiences.

Tech List: Microsoft O365, Ascender Teacher Portal (Gradebook), Canvas, DMAC, TEKS Resource System, TxEIS, Odysseyware, Renaissance Learning, Google Classroom, Jostens Yearbook Ave, Clever, Agile Mind, STEMscopes, MIT Inventor, PLTW Software, Remind, Zoom, P-Tech STEM Careers program.


  • Ector County ISD, Odessa, TX

43 Schools

33,707 Students

This colorful and highly organized district uses both blended and remote learning for students.  Forward-thinking leadership has even established online branding standards and communications strategies for all parents and students.

Tech List: Classlink, Google, and numerous other resources. 


  • Elizabeth Public Schools, Elizabeth, NJ

36 Schools

30,000 Students

This Gainer district is delivering to full-time remote students with interactive asynchronous and synchronous live instruction. They are currently working on using their many tech products to gain both high achievement and a good return on investment, they are being led with a high emphasis on transformation.

Tech List: Powerschool, Microsoft Teams, Google Blackboard Connect, iRead, Khan Academy, ST Math (K-5), Savvas Realize (K-5), SuccessMaker (K-7), Khan Academy (6-12), MathXL (6-12), Carnegie Learning Mathia (9-12), and Measure of Academic Progress (8-12), Schoolnet, Class Dojo, Socrative, EdPuzzle, Kahoot!, Soapstone, Steal, Spacecat, SIFFT, Class Dojo, Remind, GoGuardian, Ed Online, Seesaw, Unified Classroom, FlipGrid, HMH Ed Online, MyAccess, enVision 2020 (6-7), Agile Mind (8), Carnegie Learning (9-12).


  • ESC Region 2, Corpus Christi, TX

Service for combined districts with 106,127 Students

By transitioning all Leadership, Board Members, Consultants and Specialists to utilizing digital technology, this ESC helped strengthen support for all training offered to districts being serviced, including device training, teaching practices and standards, digital assessments, security and privacy, digital transition logistics, and digital curriculum and courseware.


  • Estacada School District, Estacada, OR

8 Schools

1,750 Students

With great success transitioning to virtual distance learning, this district is now using data to help meet the needs of students. With employee morale at an all-time high, this district also achieved 100% internet access for students.

Tech List: Powerschool, Google, Promethean, Zoom, Canvas.


  • Fort Towson Public Schools, Fort Towson, OK

2 Schools

313 Students

This district has been getting devices out to all students and putting a high emphasis on their new LMS training and use. They are currently working on higher coverage models for digital curriculum.

Tech List: Google, Microsoft, Acellus, Britannica School, ACT.


  • Fredonia-Moccasin USD #6, Fredonia, AZ

2 Schools

205 Students

Caring about ensuring remote internet connection and devices for accessing digital content, this district resolved issues quickly at the start of the nationwide pandemic to ensure continued learning achievement and is on its way to a new digital learning paradigm.

Tech List: ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets Khan Academy, Engage NY.


  • Giant City CCSD130, Carbondale, IL

1 School

208 Students

This district has a superior organization to serve their students using digital tools. They have diligently researched best practices and utilized those to establish their virtual learning program including setting age-appropriate time limits for learners, establishing a daily notification system for parents, setting staff in-office hours for accessibility, developing equitable access for students, requiring passing scores, and high utilization of digital platforms.

Tech List: Google, Chalkable, STAR, Freckle, Typing.com, Acellus.


  • Hammond Westside Montessori School, Hammond, LA

1 School

1,200 Students

This school is in the early stages of progress towards digital transition, addressing pressure for core-aligned digital courseware, and uses limited hardware to achieve new blended earning for students.

Tech List: Google, OnCourse Connect, Wit & Wisdom, Eureka Math.


  • Hinton Public Schools, Hinton, OK

3 Schools

730 Students

Believing all students learn in different ways, this district has a blended learning approach and uses all types of tools to allow greater flexibility for learners. Community stakeholders are excited about the digital transition here and achievement improvements look promising.

Tech List: Canvas, Microsoft, Sphero, Study Island, NoRedInk, Vocabulary.com, Youtube, Prodigy, Splash Learn, Pinterest, Typing.com, Nitrotype.com, IXL, Pearson Realize, Google, PBS Learning Media, Readworks.org, Khan Academy, Nasa.gov, BBCearth, ScienceBob, Facebook,  plus others for electives.


  • James W. Lilley Elementary School, Sicklerville, NJ

1 School

539 Students

This school has 1-to-1 Chromebooks in grades 2-5, Smartboards in all homerooms, and provides much of their curriculum via the internet. They are gaining ground with truly digital lessons to while they create an environment of professional growth for teachers.

Tech List: Superkids, McGraw Hill Connected, Wit and Wisdom, TCI Science and Social Studies, System 44, Realtime student management software, Destiny Library Manager, some sort of purchase order management, cafeteria management, Google. 


  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Elementary School, CPS, Chicago, IL

1 School

748 Students

This school provides a play-based learning experience with special designed hybrid curriculum for learning basic concepts and skills.

Tech List: Aspen, Google, MathScore, Follett.


  • Kenilworth Science & Technology School, Baton Rouge, LA

1 School

450 Students

This school has teachers using new platforms to involve both students and parents in online learning. Many have achieved up to 80% core curriculum coverage digitally.

Tech List: Google Classroom, Kurzweil, ALEKS, IXL, Stemscopes, Study Island, Khan Academy, Edulastic, Illuminate.


  • Lakeview Junior Senior High School, Campti, LA

1 School

450 Students

This school moved fast to connect teaching and learning digitally after the start of the pandemic. They continue to focus on preparing students for college and career readiness with a challenging curriculum.

Tech List: Remind, ACT Resources, iHub, Storylines Science Curriculum, Learn Zillion, Clever, Khan Academy, Illustrative Math, Desmos, BiomanBio.com, USA Testprep, Apple Classroom, and hundreds of others.


  • Leeds City Schools, Leeds, AL

4 Schools

496 Students

This district has undergone ground-breaking changes and is working diligently for a bright digital future.

Tech List: Edmodo, Chalkable, Reading AtoZ, Google, Ruckus, Dell, Aerohive Networks, HowardEDU, SchoolDude, MySchoolBucks, and many others.


  • Lighthouse Charter School, San Antonio, TX

1 School

354 Students

With targeted improvement plans, this school provides quality digital venues and flipped classroom models despite a small staff. 

Tech List: Microsoft Office 365 and other apps.


  • Marion County School District, Columbia, MS

6 Schools

1,891 Students

This district recently moved to Google Classroom and is teaching both traditional and virtual students with this digital tool and others. While experiencing “a few bumps in the road,” overall they have been successful. They continue to provide training for parents, students, and teachers.

Tech List: Google, i-Ready, Renaissance, enCase, Discovery Education.


  • Medina Valley ISD, Castroville, TX

7 Schools

5,900 Students

With coverage models for digital curriculum in core and supplemental at 90%, this district brought forward the distance learning with mixed instruction successfully.

Tech List: Classlink, Zspace, Seesaw, Google Classroom, A+, ABC mouse, Brainpop, Code.org, Discovery Education, Education Galaxy, Flipgrid, Flocabulary, Follet Community,Imagine Math, Istation, IXL, K5 Technology Curriculum, Kahoot, Learn to type, McGraw Hill, Nearpod, PBS Kids, Prodigy Math Game, Naviance, TeachingBooks, K-12 Summit, TumbleBookLibrary, IXL, Splash Math, Learning Without Tears, Read Naturally, StudiesWeekly, SavvasEasyBridge, XtraMath, ABCya!, Epic!, Eduphoria, Duolingo.


  • Metro Nashville Public Schools, Nashville, TN

179 Schools

186,000 Students

This district has created a full hybrid model for all students with fully virtual options as needed. They’ve included real attention to the details of student digital access with wi-fi and hotspots.

Tech List: Microsoft Office 365, ACT Resources, Clever, Schoology, Limitless Libraries, Flipgrid.


  • Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD

215 Schools

170,000 Students

With their Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI) providing high-quality technology systems and services, this district has moved to a hybrid model building on those basics to add online AP courses, self-paced as well as synchronous instruction, and excellent STEM programs for game development, design and modelling, robotics and engineering.

Tech List: Benchmark Advanced, StudySync, Learn Zillion, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Project Pro, Microsoft Visio Pro, Microsoft Office, Promethean, and other tools.


  • Mount Carmel Elementary School, Cedar Grove, IN

1 School

230 Students

This district gained in digital transition with up to 25% screen learning for students and teachers transitioning all at once in 2020. With more ability to individualize instruction, they are working on making everything more seamless.

Tech List: Powerschool, Spelling City, Canvas, Clever, Epic!, Google Mail.


  • MSAD 17 Guy E Rowe Elementary, Oxford Hills School District, Norway, ME

1 School

500 Students

This school is on their way providing digital learning and showing improvement in engagement and academics.

Tech List: SchoolMessenger, Infinite Campus, DEAR Reading, Google.  


  • New Horizon School and Learning Center, Santa Rosa, CA

1 School

18 Students

Serving students placed through IEPS from several districts, this school is proficient in some technologies for learning to engage and handle learning disabilities. This school maintains high-quality human interaction while making gains digitally.

Tech List: Google suite, Microsoft, Adobe, Zoom, Khan Academy, YouTube.


  • Nixa Public Schools, Nixa, MO

12 Schools

6,400 Students

This district has gone fully 1-to-1 and supports learning with an LMS and other software. They have arrayed tech facilitators in each building to coach teachers and develop best practices for blended learning.

Tech List: Google, Seesaw, MobyMax, Reading Counts, RazKids, Head Sprout.   


  • Northshore Charter School, Bogalusa, LA

1 School

480 Students

This school has successfully launched a student tech help desk and is aggressively using digital courseware and other online tools when possible.

Tech List: Google, Clever, Canvas, Jcampus, Prodigy, SER, JPAMS, Zearn, Amplify.


  • Oneida School District, Malad, ID

5 Schools

900 Students

This district has just completed a 1-to-1 device distribution and started using a learning management system to deliver student assignments and support. Their short-term indicators show positive academic growth.

Tech List: Power School, I-Ready.


  • Pinello Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO

1 School

320 Students

This school is the home of the “Roar Newsletter,” where teacher’s use Google sites and are working toward an engaged student population digitally.  

Tech List: Schoology, Infinite Campus, Google Sites, Alio, Alpine, Clever, Destiny, Enrich, Finalsite, Frontline, HMH, Illuminate, i-Ready, Odysseyware -Credit Recovery, Odysseyware -D3 My Way, Odysseyware -DHS, Odysseyware -Math, mClass, Naviance, Overdrive, Peardeck, Pearson Easybridge, Renaissance Place, Safari Montage, Summit Learning.


  • Pontiac Academy for Excellence, Pontiac, MI

1 School

600 Students

This district now delivers learning hybrid-style with students and families transitioning well utilizing various apps and software.

Tech List: Google Suite, Class Dojo, Study Island, Munetrix, Khan Academy, Kaplan.


  • Prince George’s County Public Schools, Upper Marlboro, MD

208 Schools

136,000 Students

With wide support for multiple languages, this district has robust distance learning resources.  Significant efforts at engaging students and parents helps drive achievement and personalization.    

Tech List: Google, Clever, Schoolmax, Zoom, Pearson TextNav, Britannica School, CultureGrams, EBSCO ebooks, LINK Online Resources (ABC-CLIO, ABCmouse, Acorn, MakeMake, Proquest, NewsBank, Gale, Brainfuse, Chicago Tribune, CreativeBug, Comics Plus, Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest and Library Edition, Freegal Music, Great Courses, Hoopla, RB Digital –IndieFlix, Kanopy, Learning Express Library, LA Times, Lynda.com, Method Test Prep, Morningstar Library, NYT, NextReads, Novelist, Overdrive, PebbleGo, Qello, Reference Solutions, Wall Street Journal, Transparent Language Online, Value Line Investment Washington Consumers Checkbook, Washington Post, World Geography, others), ProQuest Dissertations, SAFARI Montage, SAGE journals, SAILOR Resources, Scholastic Watch & Learn, ScienceFlix, SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Knowledge Source, TeachingBooks.net, World Book Encyclopedia, Abdo Digital, MackinVia, Rosen Interactive eBooks, Tumblebooks,  TeenBookCloud, TRUEFLIX, other digital resources.  


  • Reardan-Edwall School District, Reardan, WA

2 Schools

647 Students

This district has deployed new digital tools to provide blended learning for all students. The district uses fine-tuned measures for academic progress. 

Tech List: Google, Seesaw, MobyMax, Reading Counts, RazKids, Head Sprout. 


  • Richland1, Columbia, SC

52 Schools

40,000 Students

This district is starting to move to high coverage models across their planned curriculum with digital content and providing high-value remote learning tech support for all students. 

Tech List: Powerschool, Microsoft, MasteryConnect, Destiny Discover, BookFlix, KnowitAll, Discuss Socrative, PBS Kids, Discovery Education, Safari Montage, Flocabulary, Dreambox, WorldBook Online, Learning A-Z. McGraw Hill Aleks, Triumph College Prep, HMH, Carnegie Learning, National Geographic Learning, RazKids, Lexia Core Reading.  



  • Rochester City School District, Rochester, NY

6 Schools

2,335 Students

Curriculum is accessible digitally in this small district and teachers deliver instruction using interactive displays or through online virtual classrooms. Classroom spaces are shifting towards open, flexible designs. Teachers remain connected with their students after the school day ends through Learning Management Systems or cloud-based collaborative environments.

Tech List: Blackboard, Google, Microsoft, Homework Hotline, and others. 


  • Sandpoint High School, Lake Pend Oreille School District #84, Sandpoint, ID

1 School

950 Students

This school offers a wide range of digital courses, including core academic subjects and popular electives such as Innovative 3D Design. They already have up to 40% of teachers using digital curriculum.

Tech List: Google, Tyler SIS, Frontline Education, Schoology.  


  • Schleicher ISD, Eldorado, TX

3 Schools

550 Students

This district has been showing gains in overall testing rank and deploying a wide range of technology as they transition to a blended learning environment.

Tech List: Schoology, ASCENDER Teacher Portal, Microsoft Office 365, Eduphoria, Edgenuity, WeVideo, Symbaloo, ABCya!, Think Central, Prodigy, Learning.com, Quiz Hub, XtraMath, First in Math, Spelling City, Vocabulary.com, Epic!, Ed Galaxy, Membean, Brainormous, ClassCraft, Khan Academy, Live Science, MindPlay, AdaptedMind Math, Edmentum, Science for Kids, Brainpop, Flipgrid, Edgenuity, Pathblazer, connected, Hoaxes and Answers, Bio. Newsmax, Encyclopedia Mythica, Arduino Lessons, Drive Texas, Gizmos by ExploreLearning, Rosetta Stone, Britannica School, Texas Gateway, Merck Medical, AudioFile books, Think Through Math, Renaissance Learning, MindPlay.


  • Schulenburg ISD, Schulenberg, TX

2 Schools

715 Students

This District of Innovation offers unique programs inclusive of a shift to technology in a rural area of Texas where the vision includes engaged and motivated students with a slogan of “Shorthorns Forever.” 

Tech List: Zoom, Google Classroom, Gaggle.


  • Taylor County Schools, Grafton, WV

6 Schools

2,335 Students

This district has made it so all students can complete assigned work asynchronously. They support their virtual learners with their West Virginia Learns platform and many other digital resources.

Tech List: WV Learns, Microsoft, Math4Life, Classlink, iReady, MobyMax, My American Farm Games, HMH, Kahoot!, Nearpod, Khan Academy, FunBrain, Smithsonian Education, WTES Typing Club, Symbaloo, Follett, WorldBook Online, Iditerod: The Last Great Race, StoryLine Online, EBECO, The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Seussville, Reading Eggs, Typing Club, Zearn, SumDog, GoMath, ThinkCentral, CoolMath4Kids, Mission Magnetite, MathIsFun!, Planet Buster, Math180, Interland, Kiddle, Discovery Education, National Geographic, McGraw Hill, Code.org, Scholastic Digital, ABCYa, Read, Write, Think, Spelling City, Starfall, Elmo, PALS, PBS Learning Media, Brainpop.


  • Taylor Independent School District, Taylor, TX

7 Schools

3,200 Students

This district is working to create blended learning environments in all classrooms and is 1-to-1 at both high schools. They are making great strides with a team of only six instructional specialists and a small tech department. 

Tech List: Eduphoria, Frontline, ACT, Classlink, Google, iStation, ConnectEd, Read180, GradPoint, HMH, RazKids, Holt McDougal Online, Learning.com, Texas Gateway, TEAL, MySchoolBucks.


  • Virtual Academy of Lafourche, Thibodaux, LA

1 School

485 Students

With advanced and credit recovery options, this school provides value and flexibility to their community with a comprehensive hybrid learning environment.

Tech List: Google, Zearn, Eureka, iReady, Zoom, Remind.


  • Wichita Falls ISD, Wichita Falls, TX

2 Schools

14,000 Students

This district is committed to technology as more than just a passing fad. Students experience the world through digital connections and learn through custom lessons designed by trained high-quality teachers.

Tech List: Google, Eduphoria, SchoolDude, and other resources.


EduJedi Innovators

  • Central Bucks School District, Doylestown, PA

23 Schools

180,000 Students

With students now fully mobile between on-campus and remote, this district has made significant progress redefining and reframing learning to be digital, including a full complement of tech deployments of both hardware and software. With new attention on the workflow of all the digital learning, this district is on a fast evolution.

Tech List: Microsoft, Google, Freckle, Scholastic, TCI, Kahn Academy, Reading Horizons, Xtra Math, Easy Bridge, Connect Ed, BrainPop, Code.org, EdYourFriend in Learning, (Spanish Program), and many others.


  • Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO

207 Schools

92,000 Students

This district is working hard to provide both students and parents with high-value information dashboards. By using technology as an enabling force for parent and student engagement, they have gained educator effectiveness, operational efficiency, student safety, and student achievement.

Tech List: Infinite Campus, Google, Lawson S3, Infor/GHR, LEAP & SLO, Microsoft.


  • Franklinton Elementary School, Franklinton, NC

1 School

450 Students

Facing equity-of-access issues, this district charged on with devices and Wi-Fi hotspots, achieving 50-75% screen learning as a percentage of the school day and offering resources and tutorials for remote learning.

Tech List: Powerschool, Canvas, Google, NODMA, Screencastify, Clever, Aristotle, Achieve 3000, BrainPop, Code Combat, EPIC!, FlipGrid, Kahoot, Khan Academy, Moby Max, Mystery Science, Padlet, Prodigy Math, Quaver Music, Quizizz, Raz Kids, Read Works, See Saw, Scholastic News, Splash Math, Tynker, Sphero, Ozobot, Google Expeditions, Smarty Ants.


  • Galena Park Independent School District, Houston, TX

24 Schools

22,300 Students

With a new hybrid schedule, parent and student orientations for digital learning, and digital activities added comprehensively across the curriculum, this district is using technology to drive higher achievement. 

Tech List: Digital textbooks, On Data Suite, Eduphoria, Microsoft, Google for Education, SuccessEd, SchoolStatus, TEAMS, TipWeb, LightSpeed Content Filter, Lightspeed MDM, Skyward, Test Hound, RaaWee, DocuNav, ForeCast5, SchoolDude, ULS, Pearson Clinical, ClassLink, library software, IDM, VoiP Timeclock, DreamBox,  Reading A-Z,  iStation, iReady, STEMScopes, CommonLit, Edgenuity, Khan Academy,DBQ Project, Newsela, EdPuzzle,  Flipgrid, NearPod, Quizziz, Pear Deck, Desmos.


  • Keller ISD, Keller TX

43 Schools

35,352 Students

This District’s leadership established the "Remote Ready in KISD" badging program, virtual learning and educator training towards a total technology revolution in Keller ISD.

Tech List: Aeries SIS, eSped, Nearpod, Canvas, Google Suite (including Classroom), SeeSaw, EdPuzzle, Brainpop, Edutyping, Edgenuity, FLVS, Albert IO, Discovery Education.


  • North Woods Career Prep HS, Columbus, OH

1 School

101 Students

This school relies heavily on digital curriculum and has a transition team to highlight the best live-taught strategies on-campus or online to assist any struggling learners. They have advanced work in the study and implementation of the balance between online and live-taught instruction or tutoring to increase higher test scores and graduation rates. Their model includes specialized curriculum in career areas in business, marketing, finance, and others.

Tech List: Apex, Zoom, Canvas, Google Classroom, and many others.


  • Poudre School District, Fort Collins, CO

5 Schools

34,000 Students

This district provides 1-to-1 devices to students and staff, which has fostered greater investment in use of digital tools. They are currently bringing all staff along with transition to digital to meet expectations for consumer-level personalized digital experiences.

Tech List: Synergy, Cengage, Blackboard, Discovery, MobyMax, SWIS, and many more.


EduJedi Achievers

  • Buckeye Union High School District, Buckeye, AZ

3 Schools

3070 Students

This district offers training on all their digital communications suites plus their LMS and SIS and numerous tool apps. Digital with 1-to-1 for all students for several years, this district is now working out the kinks in providing distance learning for all students as needed. 

Tech List: Power School, I-Ready, many other digital resources. 


  • Dimensions Collaborative School, Escondido, CA

1 School

500 Students

With a high-level of autonomy and a focus on personalization, this school has advanced its practices digitally to give precise instruction. With quality workflow, this school is finding better learning results.

Tech List: ALEKS, AOPS.com, BrainPOP, Brave Writer, Discovery Education, Driver’s Ed, IXL Learning, Reading Horizons, Read Naturally, ST Math, Homeschool Spanish Academy, Voyager Ticket to Read, Teaching Textbooks, Thinkwell, Time4Writing.com, Time4Learning, Westcott Courses, Microsoft 365 and Teams.


  • Katy ISD, Houston, TX

72 Schools

83,867 Students

This district provides unparalleled learning experiences designed to prepare and inspire each student to live an honorable, fulfilling life. Using instructional technologies, Katy’s teachers and leaders help parents or guardians work at home as needed with learning opportunities in a hybrid environment. Full-coverage core and supplemental curriculum provides quality professional-grade learning. 

Tech List: Benchmark Universe, Gale Biography, Brainpop Jr., Brainpop, Britannica Encyclopedias, Britannica -Espanol, Britannica eBooks, Discovery Education, EBSCO eBooks, Kids InfoBits, National Geographic Kids, TeachingBooks.net, Tumble Book, Biblioteca Tumble, World Book, World Book -Espanol. 


  • Peru Central School District, Peru, NY

3 Schools

2,000 Students

With the knowledge that schools across the globe will soon place students at the center of their own education pathways, this district is relying more on technology to facilitate and differentiate learning experiences. Their digital transition came overnight as COVID hit New York. With a special two-weeks professional development mini-camp, they prepped and ran with a redesigned digital delivery for all online learning.

Tech List: Pebble, Brainpop, Kids A-Z, Type To Learn, PBS Kids, GoNoodle, ABCYa, BookFlix, CVCPop, Starfall, XtraMath, Prodigy, Wonders, Symbaloo, FunBrain.


  • Pinellas County Schools, Largo, FL

198 Schools

101,427 Students

With a Personalized Learning Pathway administered through a new online platform, this district helps students navigate their path to academic and career success. They also provide teacher coaching for tech integration to increase student engagement and continuously work on implementing tech referendum projects. Liaison work between all departments shows an evolution to seamless design.

Tech List: Blackboard, HMH, Curriculum Associates, McGraw Hill, National Geographic, Microsoft Office 365, Safari Montage, Clever, SMART Notebook and SMART Learning Suite online, SMART Boards, Epson interactive projectors, NearPod.


EduJedi Knights

  • Lammersville Joint USD, Mountain House, CA

9 Schools

6,000 Students

One of the most progressive thought leaders of all districts, Lammersville leads through tech. With uniquely integrated assessment platforms, they use aggregated data to drive a comprehensive system of learning, not just classroom learning. Their blended environment manages an altered used of both spaces and time. This district also runs a year-long teacher Blended Learning Academy for high standards in digital teaching. 

Tech List: Canvas, Google Classroom, AERIES, GoGuardian, Edgenuity, Laserfiche, Escape, eduCLIMBER, Illuminate, PearDeck, Zearn, ST Math, iRead, PLTW elibraries, MobyMax Assistments, Edulastic, Formative, Newsela, Mystery Science, Zoom, Turnitin, Raptor, Microsoft Office, Seesaw, Padlet, Camtasia Screentastic, HMH, Benchmark, DBQ, World Languages, Edlio, Flextime Manager, Google, Kahoot!, Naviance, Khan Academy, Stanford Middle School Science Project Curriculum, Discovery Math Techbook.


  • Meriden Public Schools, Meriden, CT

13 Schools

8,500 Students

With a robust digital transformation using the collaborative efforts of their Board of Education, their innovative Superintendent, and key tech and curriculum staff, this district has undergone bold shifts in teaching and learning structure well beyond the norm.

Tech List: Board Docs, ClassLink, Decision Ed, Frontline, Gaggle, GoGuardian, Naviline, HelpDesk, Novatime, Power School, SmugMug, iReady, Discovery Education, Odysseyware, EqualLevel, Google, Imagine Learning, Kajeet, McGraw Hill Education -MyMath, Glencoe Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Networks and Discovering World Geography, Moodle, Musiquest, MyON, NoRedInk, Odysseyware, Reading A-Z, ParentSquare, Prodigy, Legends of Learning, Mystery Science, MobyMax, Vocabulary.com, Inspire Science, Reading Plus, Houghton Mifflin Spanish Digital Textbook, Cambridge Elevate -Latin, Study Sync District online administrative tools created for us by our local vendor: Building Rentals, Conference Scheduling Tool, Curriculum Time Form, Directory, District Calendar, Lunch Tally Tool, PolicyTool, Sub Request Tool, Curriculum Payment Tool, Teacher Evaluation Tool, Transportation Tool, Administrators Calendar Tool, Student Account Search Engine, Technology Meeting Request Tool, New Course Name Change Tool. 


  • Mountain House High School, Mountain House, CA

1 School

1,600 Students

With a “Learning Commons” that is both physical and digital, Mountain House High School is an exemplar of hybrid learning.  With a thoroughly reimagined use of space and time, they have refined the art of truly flexible service to the disparate needs of all students. Mostly remote, partially remote, and on-campus learning blends students who only arrive minimally but may still be included in sports and extra-curricular activities, teacher office hours mid-day, rolling drop-off time windows, and more. A mastery-based curriculum includes a wide number of digital resources to personalize every student’s learning.

Tech List: Adobe Spark, Follett Destiny, Edgenuity, Nearpod, Formative, Kahoot, Vernier, ProQuest, Canvas, and many others.


  • Pickerington Local School District, Pickerington, OH

16 Schools

10,850 Students

The first district to achieve Knight status with the unique play of “TraDigital,”  both a traditional and digital interweaving at scale. With a complete 1-1 of devices, and 80% of teaching and learning capable of working digitally, this district has a collaborative tech and curriculum staff that keeps driving up tech proficiency to drive learning achievement. Cross-building teaching teams show a mutation in structure to provide rapid refinement of methods to reduce distraction and focus teaching attention on human qualities of direct instruction.

Tech List: Google,  Classlink, Clever, Illuminate, ST Math, Hapara, Overdrive, Peardeck, Edulastic, ESGI, McGraw-Hill (ALEKS), iReady, Infinite Campus, Read&Write, Imagine Learning, Typing.com, WeVideo, EdPuzzle, many others.


About the EduJedi Leadership Society

Becoming an EduJedi individual leader or school means you’ve moved beyond topics like “school reform,” past classroom focus and up into the “tech-blended institution.” Creating a quality culture, aligning strategy, connecting to stakeholders, requiring ever-more teacher training, layering on tons of new policies and programs – all the trends of the last two decades which have been failing despite everyone’s best intentions nationwide – are repositioned behind a designed for digital transformation.

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