Vivi combines wireless screen mirroring, digital signage, emergency alerts and announcements into a single communication and engagement solution for schools. Designed specifically for K-12 schools, Vivi leverages a school’s network of connected displays to enable effective and efficient sharing of content, in classrooms and across a school building. In a classroom, teachers can wirelessly share their screens to a classroom display from anywhere in the classroom or give permission for up to four students to share their screens simultaneously while retaining full control at all times from the Vivi app. Built-in instructional tools, such as screenshots and whiteboards add even more interactivity. Vivi can also be used for schoolwide communications, allowing school leaders to send a live video or text message to a single classroom display or group of displays, share always-on content when displays are not being used for instruction, or supersede anything on the screen in an emergency situation.

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Vivi is completely device and operating system agnostic. It can be paired with any flat panel display, interactive flat panel or projector.

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Vivi is the only all-in-one communication suite designed exclusively for education as a single solution for wireless screen sharing, digital signage, emergency alerts and announcements. Vivi connects to any screen including TVs, IFPs, and Projectors to connect students, teachers and staff. It is device and operating system- agnostic, creating an easy-to-use interface for everyone from IT to teachers and students, to guest presenters.

The full set of Vivi’s communication capabilities includes Video and Text Announcements, as well as Digital Signage for routine, planned communications and Emergency Alerts for more urgent communications. Together they provide a robust schoolwide communication platform for leaders to touch base with their community members, remind students of goings-on at school, share timely information, or simply call a student to the office.

In classrooms, Vivi’s wireless screen sharing is reliable and easy to use, untethering teachers from the front the classroom and encouraging student participation. Teachers can deliver dynamic lessons from anywhere in the room. This enables them to work with small groups of students, provide additional support to a struggling student (i.e. engage in proximity teaching), or just move around the classroom while teaching. They can also allow up to four students to share their screens simultaneously with the power to preview student content and end student sharing at any time. Built-in instructional tools add even more value for students and teachers, reducing the need to switch to another platform or tool.


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Vivi is a technology solution that lets teachers do what they do best, teach! We offer level-based training to support teachers in getting the most out of Vivi.

Pricing model:

Vivi is sold on an annual subscription basis.

Additional services needed or included?

No additional services are needed. Level-based asynchronous training is available on-demand for teachers, support is provided for technology teams with no additional cost, and additional training is available on request.


What makes Vivi unique?

Vivi stands alone as the only solution of its kind designed specifically for education.


Vivi stands alone as the only solution of its kind designed specifically for education. User feedback is a key part of our product development, ensuring Vivi meets current challenges. It also means instructional tools like screen capturing, annotations, whiteboard backgrounds and drawing tools are built in, not bolted on. We empower teachers with the ability to preview all student content before allowing screen sharing, as well as end sharing at any time. Furthermore, students cannot access screen sharing until a teacher has enabled the classroom.


Here's what users are saying:

“Vivi has revolutionized our educational approach by liberating our teachers from their desks, enabling them to fully engage in instructional activities and interact with students like never before.”
--Katelin King, District Digital Learning Coach & KYLC Grant Coordinator, Monroe County Schools, Tompkinsville, Kentucky

“There are several reasons why we like Vivi in our District. 1 – Flexibility to move around the room and not be tied to the front of the room 2 – Allows for teachers and students to collaborate and share within the classroom in a rapid and efficient way to maximize instructional time. 3 – We use it as a news broadcast for our morning news as well as signage for continuous information shared within each building. Over the past 4 years that we have been a Vivi district, we have been extremely pleased that Vivi has taken steps to make it a more all-in-one-solution tool for educators to maximize instructional minutes.”

--Julie Patchen, K-5 General Music Teacher, District Elementary Music Chair, Building Level Technology Facilitator, Elkhorn Public Schools, Nebraska

“My students will never raise their hand, but all of them will share their work on the screen.”
--Nancy Barkin, Assistant Head of School for Academics and English Teacher, Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh, North Carolina

“Having our Building Principals be able to play a live video to all of the classroom screens simultaneously creates an opportunity for a shared experience without the disruption of bringing everyone together physically.”

--Kari Moulton, Technology Integration Support Specialist, Bourbonnais Elementary School District #53, Bourbonnais, Illinois