Sora Home is an Experience Management System (EMS) for innovative schools. It enables a transformative, interdisciplinary, mastery-based education while empowering parents to play an active role in their children's educational journey.

Sora Home allows students and parents to log in using their mobile devices from any location. This mobile-first approach ensures easy access to Sora Home whenever needed.

Formats/platforms used:

Sora Home is available for any internet browser and our native app is available on both iOS and Android.

Primary website’s URL:


Problem solved:

The app is designed to provide a unique experience for parents, students, and faculty in one single ecosystem.

Students can stay connected with their teacher and colleagues and keep track of their journey, taking control of their education and leading with curiosity. In traditional education, students often disengage from class because they feel forced to be there; however, at Sora, they care because they chose it.

Parents can stay in the loop by viewing recent progress or connecting with their student’s advisor or school leadership. At most schools, students struggle to remember their upcoming schoolwork, and parents only hear about progress two or three times per year. On the Sora Home App, see daily feedback and assessments from our experts and stay on top of upcoming tasks.

Journey Builder:
The app includes our pioneering scheduling software, which allows Sora families to
create a request list by selecting expeditions that match their interests and graduation goals. Based on that, Journey Builder will generate a custom plan for students' needs, goals and interests.


App Features - Student Experience

  • Dashboard: Concise and actionable overview of a student's day. It includes access to their calendar, a list of tasks and deadlines, and an overview of enrolled experiences and activities.
  • Student Tasks: The task list is one of the views where students track and submit their day-to-day tasks and gather experts' feedback.
  • Support: Students and parents can request help anytime during the day. This feature provides students with a direct channel to communicate, ask questions, seek guidance, and receive feedback on their academic progress.
  • Real-world learning: View and register for our more than 400 interdisciplinary learning experiences, from group Expeditions to solo Activities. At Sora, students learn in the context of the real world, like “The Physics of Sharks”, “Wilderness Survival”, or “Building a Martian Society”..
  • Pace and Progress: Students complete control and 24/7 visibility over their feedback and assessment.
  • Journey Builder: Sora families create a request list by selecting expeditions that match their interests and graduation goals. Based on that, Journey Builder will generate a custom plan tailored to students' needs, goals, and interests.

App features - Parent Experience

Parents have access to the student’s experience, and in addition, we built some key features just for them.

  • Request for Absence: Parents can use Mobile or the Web to easily request specific days and times for their child to be absent from school using this feature.
  • Support: Support Inbox for Parents offers a fast way for parents to stay updated on their child's progress and connect with their student's advisor, or school leadership or get any type of technical support.
  • Multiple student view: There are many families at Sora with multiple kids enrolled. Sora Home

Grade/age range:

6th-12th grade students and their parents can use the Sora Home App.


Our system is designed to track mastery-based progress toward our school’s 180 unique standards.

Sora’s middle and high school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, which allows us to meet the requirements of all 50 states and colleges and universities. The high school has a secondary accreditation with Cognia, which is widely recognized both within the U.S. and internationally. Additionally, our program is recognized and approved by the NCAA which provides students the ability to play collegiate sports.

Lesson time needed:

Sora is a full-time school.


Pricing model:

The app is free for families enrolled at Sora Schools.


Sora Home prioritizes a user-centric approach to enhance students' learning experience, while keeping parents involved. We continuously improve by gathering feedback and conducting research.

Fun facts:
- The most requested feature from students was Dark Mode
- The most requested feature from parents was Absence Request

Here’s what users are saying:

“The focus that Sora has put on user experience design and specifically the onboarding process has been kind of mind blowing. I hope that in the middle of all the crazy and the overwhelmed parents that you are able to take some deep breaths and know that what you’re creating is absolutely exceptional. Seriously. So much gratitude.”

--Sora Parent

“I can’t get over how beautiful and interesting these expeditions look”

--Sora Parent

“Why do schools make students fight to learn what they’re excited to learn? Well, not at Sora!!!!!!”

--Sora Faculty Member