Studies have shown that differentiated and personalized learning significantly improves student outcomes (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2013; Redding, 2013; Wolf, 2010). However, scaling and sustaining these techniques remains challenging for many institutions.

SchoolJoy created a scalable closed AI system for schools and districts to create individualized pathways and relevant and differentiated learning content for every student based on their interests, reading level and background. With SchoolJoy, every learner can learn about any subject through the lens of their favorite musician, sports team, or any career they aspire to enter.

SchoolJoy has bridged the gap between what students learn in the classroom and their experiences and aspirations beyond academics. This enables schools and districts nationwide to better manage their students’ achievements and activities beyond the classroom and create truly individualized post-secondary pathways for every learner.


Formats/platforms used:

SchoolJoy’s platform consists of two main products: ExperienceJoy, a unified learner experience management system (LEMS), and SchoolJoy AI, an integrated AI system that brings together the data from the LEMS and Large Language Model (LLM) to create truly personalized learning experiences and pathways for students.

Primary website:

Problem solved:

SchoolJoy solves three core issues: personalized learning and career pathways, teacher time and data overload. SchoolJoy allows districts and educators to access key data points for each student to allow for individualized learning pathways and post-secondary pathways based on student’s activities, interests and skills. SchoolJoy allows districts to make learning more fun and engaging for all students by enabling teachers to teach through what students already love.

Grade/age range:

SchoolJoy can serve most grade levels, but the target market is middle and high school.


Core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular or professional development?

SchoolJoy’s Learner Experience Management System is the most advanced and comprehensive platform that helps students manage their activities, achievements, and career pathways, and it’s the only product that focuses on the holistic learning journey for each student. The platform paints a comprehensive picture of each student based on their academic and non-academic skills, talents and extracurricular activities. Teachers are able to use student data to not only write more informed letters of recommendation and student evaluations but use it to provide more personalized and relevant learning experiences and resources for all students at scale.


SchoolJoy’s AI integrates with all national, state-level, and district-level standards, competencies and outcomes.


Lesson time needed: 

Teachers can start using SchoolJoy’s AI Apps from day 1 with very minimal personal development. Additional personal development is provided to help districts navigate the Learner Experience Management System, which will take 4-8 weeks to fully onboard.

Pricing model:

SchoolJoy offers an annual per student license to schools and districts with optional integration and professional development services.