Tutored by Teachers (TbT) closes the opportunity gap for high-need students through virtual instruction, aimed at learning acceleration and addressing unfinished learning. TbT consistently drives double-digit academic gains for its students through one-on-one or small group high-impact tutoring, delivered by certified and experienced U.S.-based teachers. That’s why some of the largest school districts in the country trust TbT to support their students through its research-based programs in ELA and Math.

Formats/platforms used:

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet

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Problem solved:

Tutored by Teachers (TbT) is on a mission to close the opportunity gap by serving

high-need students with personalized virtual instruction delivered by highly qualified and diverse teachers.

TbT high-dosage tutoring fills in gaps caused by learning loss.


Grades/age range:


Addresses core/supplemental/special needs/ extracurricular or professional development?

- Core

- Supplemental

- Special Needs


Our programming’s core offering is skills-based small-group instruction in K-8 Math and ELA, aligned to the highest-leverage standards within each grade.

As a national company, we start in CCSS (Common Core Standards), and then cross-walk to state standards depending on the clients we serve.

We also serve high school grades with foundational math (Algebra I, geometry, Algebra II), reading skill reinforcement, [both mapped to CCSS standards as stated above for K-8) and SAT prep, which is mapped to College Board’s SAT.

Lesson time needed:

30-60 mins

Pricing model:

The pricing model is per scheduled session. Districts/schools are not required to pay "per student" or purchase licenses for all students in the district. Cost of the program is based on how many instructional sessions are scheduled to take place, with price points for different lengths of sessions.


Additional services:

Additional services included:

- Formal pre-, mid-, and post-assessments

- Formative, ongoing assessments (exit tickets)

- Flexible grouping

What makes Tutored by Teachers unique?

- Teacher community comprised exclusively of credentialed, experienced teachers

- Live, synchronous instruction following an evidence-based lesson framework

- Consistent teacher throughout the engagement

- Small group size 1:1-5:1


- Identification of prerequisite skills necessary to reach standards mastery.

- Personalized learning pathway designed to address gaps in prerequisite skills.

- Focus on acceleration of learning to achieve mastery of on-grade level target standards.


Here’s what users are saying:

We’re thrilled with the impact of our Tutored by Teachers’ partnership. Excited for expansion to more schools and steadfast, focused efforts that make a difference for our kids! Teamwork makes the dream work!

-Aleesia Johnson, Superintendent Indianapolis Public Schools

“Students are more invested with this program than with their class. And the program runs itself.”

- Meghan St. Cyr-Bradley, Assistant Principal, KIPP Team (New Jersey)

“We all have done remote learning. It is incredibly difficult to forge connections through the screen. A high percentage of our kids felt connected and engaged. A big thank you to your tutors!”

- Monica McNichols, Assistant Principal at Las Cruces Sunrise