Remind Hub is a complete communication platform for everything school leaders need to engage and empower their entire community. Along with providing district-wide communication features like urgent alerts and automated messaging, Remind Hub facilitates two-way communication that allows educators to check in with students and families more often and more easily.

Committed to meeting the highest privacy standards in education, Remind has received iKeepSafe certification for compliance with federal privacy laws as well as additional state regulations. Remind is also one of the few edtech companies to receive ISO 27001 security certification, an internationally recognized standard for information security management and governance.

Remind Hub allows administrators, faculty, and staff to send home messages, photos, files, and voice memos—all without revealing their own phone numbers or needing to know personal contact information. Students and families can choose to receive notifications via text, app, or email.

Integration with all major student information systems (SIS) makes it simple to roster and create accounts and classes, and SIS data also allows schools and districts to easily personalize messages or translate them automatically into families’ preferred languages. Engagement statistics enable administrators to see how Remind Hub is being used throughout the school or district.

Formats/platforms used:

Administrators, teachers, and staff can access Remind Hub via mobile app or web. Students and families can receive Remind notifications on any device, including via SMS text messaging, which doesn’t require internet access.

Primary website URL:

Problem solved:

Remind Hub makes it easy to engage all stakeholders across a district or school without sacrificing privacy. The platform:

● Simplifies and streamlines communication so teachers and administrators need fewer tools to connect with parents and students;

● Removes barriers to two-way communication by meeting families where they are—on their smartphones—in their preferred languages, without sharing actual phone numbers; and

● Helps administrators comply with privacy protection laws and regulations.

● Increases student attendance and family engagement


Grade range/age:

Remind Hub is designed to be used by K-12 schools.

Does product address core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development?

By providing a way for educators and families to stay connected, Remind Hub can be used to facilitate all of these activities within school and district communities.


Remind Hub meets or exceeds the requirements for all applicable privacy regulations in education, including federal FERPA and COPPA laws. For more information about how Remind protects personal information and data, please see this detailed security overview.

Lesson time needed:

Remind Hub is a communication platform that connects educators with students and their families. It does not require any lesson time to use.


Pricing model:

Remind Hub is available via three plans: Essentials, which expands communication for teachers and staff; Plus, which drives engagement and increases the communication footprint for all school sites; and Premium, which offers enterprise-level security and advanced controls.

Additional services needed:

There are no additional services required.

What makes Remind Hub unique?

Remind Hub is an all-in-one communication platform that makes it easy to reach students, families, and anyone else in a district community without sacrificing privacy. Schools and districts have used Remind Hub to drastically improve student attendance (up to 60%) and significantly boost positive parent engagement.



In order to support student and family engagement—crucial to key outcomes like attendance, graduation rates, and academic achievement—school-home communication has to be effective, equitable, and engaging.

When communication platforms are designed primarily with the sender experience in mind, recipients are often required to download apps, activate accounts, and manage their notifications. These challenges reinforce communication barriers that prevent meaningful engagement, and they often disproportionately affect families who need additional support.

In order to support the communication needs of every stakeholder in a district community, Remind Hub is designed with all end users in mind. To meet the needs of administrators, teachers, and staff, Remind Hub is simple to use, compatible with their specific use cases and workflows, and successful at reaching students and families. Equally importantly, the Remind platform is also easy to access and easy to engage with for the students and families receiving messages.

Here's what users are saying:

“We transitioned to Remind Hub because we were moving away from Blackboard as a communication tool. There was a recognition that people weren’t answering their home phones, and parents were responding to text and other simpler forms of communication.”

— Rhonda Siqueiros, district instructional specialist, Sanger Unified School District, Calif.

“Remind meets the user where they are instead of the user meeting us where we need them to be. We’re meeting them in their text messages; we’re not trying to meet them inside of an app. That is our favorite thing about Remind.”

— Josh Fleckinstein, director of information technology, Jessamine County Schools, Ky.

“With the way Remind is set up, I can meet the need for multiple languages even though I don't speak those languages. That’s leveled the playing field to where we’re able to communicate equitably with all of our speakers, whether it be in English, Spanish, or any other language. We’re able to meet their needs.”

— Dr. Michelle L. Rice, principal, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, Texas