The Inspirit Innovative Learning hub contains VR, AR and Web based experiences for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Careers for middle school and high school students all under one subscription. The innovative learning hub brings together the best learning content in each subject from incredible educational partners around the world.

Inspirit is cross-platform, and the school can use Inspirit across multiple devices: laptops or chromebooks, and VR headsets. It’s up to the school to decide what existing hardware they’d like to use and what hardware they would like to invest in.

Inspirit also provides expert training and implementation planning support. Inspirit’s professional development program for successfully integrating XR in schools is the best in class: it has been designed with learning science experts from Stanford University and it focuses on teaching teachers the best practices of pedagogy, curriculum, and design to sustainably integrate XR.


It is available on both the web (online- internet browser based) and on 6DOF VR devices. We have online web simulations and 3D models and interactive immersive 6DOF experiences on the Pico and Meta Quest headsets.


Primary URL:

Problem solved:

Inspirit is the one stop shop for STEM and Careers XR content. Schools don’t need to purchase XR content from multiple providers anymore: they can bring the entire XR learning ecosystem to their school through purchasing one site-wide license at an affordable price for all things XR. Instead of purchasing one XR program for Careers, one for Math, and one for Science, all the students and teachers in a school can use Inspirit on all the devices available across all these STEM topics.

Grade/age range:

Students from 6th-12th grade can use the product

Core or supplemental?

Inspirit addresses supplemental curriculum and professional development for teachers



The Inspirit Science App is mapped to:

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • The New Pennsylvania Science, Technology & Engineering, Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Standards (STEELS)
  • Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL)
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

The Inspirit Math App covers Pre-Algebra and Algebra topics that are mapped to:

  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Pennsylvania Core Standards of Mathematics
  • Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL)
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

Lesson time needed:

Teachers can use the product to enhance or replace instructional tools they are currently using. Learning experience times vary from 10 to 30 minutes.


Pricing models:

Inspirit Innovation hub pricing is based on an annual subscription that includes STEM and career experiences available on multiple devices. Schools can also purchase additional career training content. For a product demonstration and pricing information please visit (

Additional services needed:

  • Schools can purchase in-person or online professional development at an affordable price for all the teachers in their school. This ensures that the XR integration is successful. Our professional development has been developed through best practices determined by research at Stanford University.
  • Schools can opt to purchase as many VR headsets as they would like along with their software subscription for our Innovative Learning Hub. Inspirit will fully provision these headsets and provide them to the school in a manner that ensures schools do not need to use Facebook accounts, etc. to access the platform.
  • Schools can opt to participate in research studies with Inspirit to prove learning and engagement outcomes by using XR technologies with their students.

What makes Inspirit unique?

  • Inspirit is the only XR platform that brings together the best immersive content from XR EdTech companies across the globe and provides it to schools at a fixed annual school license cost.
  • Their professional development and implementation program ensures adoption by providing the guidance, training and support teachers need to integrate innovation in their classrooms. They show educators how to leverage cutting-edge technology in a way that will increase student confidence, engagement, and knowledge retention.
  • They are a research-backed company and founded out of research with Stanford University and Georgia Tech. The product is built based on continuous research on student learning and engagement: we actively run and co-author peer-reviewed research reports with our academic partners and pioneering schools to measure outcomes.



Inspirit marries the best practices of pedagogy, research, and XR. At Inspirit, they believe that all three must be present for the product to deliver effective learning outcomes. They also believe that teachers are at the heart of all we do. That’s why teachers build the products. THey know that students learn best not only when set in front of technology, but when technology allows for teacher guidance, peer collaboration, and STEM-based discussions.

Inspirit as a platform has been designed keeping both teachers and students at the center of the product. Since they are available both on Web and VR devices, the user journeys have been simplified and personalized to the teachers and students to keep it as intuitive as possible.

They have many interactions that are similar to their real-world experience while making the best use of the virtual space, especially in VR. This allows both the students and teachers to focus on learning and teaching- which reduces the learning curve for our platform drastically. This makes Inspirit easy to use for everyone and they are able to realize the value of the product easily.

Here’s what users are saying:

“I tried [Inspirit] and it was fun to see the graph/data as I launched the different objects. The graphics were nice and clean. I will be using this with students next week!”

– HS Chemistry Teacher, BC, Canada

“I think [Inspirit] is very useful. This is because I, personally, learn better by observing instead of reading. It will absolutely trigger my interest and better by learning experience”

– Middle School Student, USA

“This is by far the coolest thing I've ever seen in science education.”

– HS Biology Teacher, NY, USA