PowerNotes+ is a reading, research, and writing platform that helps educators and institutions have control and confidence using artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom—and addresses questions of academic integrity using transparency and evidence, not suspicion.

To allow faculty and students to use AI in a fully-documented and transparent environment, PowerNotes Brainstorm™ uses a direct integration with ChatGPT and other large language models. All AI interactions in PowerNotes are documented and available for faculty review, creating an environment where academic integrity is enforced via accountability rather than punishment. A “closed” prompting feature minimizes AI hallucinations, and all AI interactions are anonymous to AI providers so student work is secure and cannot be used for training AI models.

PowerNotes Insight, a patented digital authorship verification technology, creates an Activity Log to record students’ research and enables instructors to evaluate that learning process, not just the output. After a student submits an assignment, an Insight Score compares their work to their final submission and distinguishes between appropriate and inappropriate use of AI.

Every PowerNotes+ subscriber receives onboarding support, in-depth training sessions, a dedicated success manager, and direct access to PowerNotes’ academic experts. Institutions, educators, and students can learn more at PowerNotes.com/plus.



PowerNotes is accessed by a Chrome or Firefox browser extension coupled with a web app.

Primary URL:


Problem solved:

PowerNotes helps students and educators effectively use artificial intelligence as they read, write, and research, and provides transparency to ensure academic integrity.

Grades/age range:

PowerNotes is designed for use in K-12 and higher education.

Core or supplemental:

PowerNotes can be used in any subject that requires reading, writing, or researching.


PowerNotes is for use in English programs or those subjects that require any level of research or knowledge management.

Lesson time needed:

PowerNotes is designed to aid students and teachers in their academic work and does not require any class time.


Pricing model:

PowerNotes+ is available via three pricing plans: Individual plans cost $10 per month, classroom subscriptions are available for up to 35 seats for $79 every six months, and institutional plans are available with custom pricing.

Additional services needed:

No additional services are required.

What makes PowerNotes unique?

As PowerNotes founder Wilson Tsu explains, “PowerNotes empowers students to show the progression of their work throughout the research and writing process. Educators can see the process unfold and assess student work early, offering formative feedback that helps students redirect their effort. This leads to less rework and frustration, as well as better student outcomes. This transparency also bolsters academic integrity when AI is used by creating a safe environment that disincentivizes cheating.”


PowerNotes is designed to offer a seamless and intuitive interface so that students can focus on their research.


Here’s what users are saying:

“PowerNotes gave me the ability to see my students’ research and writing processes in ways I couldn’t do before. Using the tool gave me the opportunity to help students before they went too far down a rabbit hole that would cause more work for them. I could identify areas of confusion before they snowballed. The ability to see behind the curtain while students are using AI is a game-changer in AI literacy for the same reason: a view into students’ processes provides us an opportunity to recognize what guidance is needed.”

— Dr. Catrina Mitchum, college writing professor

“As someone who works with first-year students, PowerNotes is a great tool to introduce students to keeping track of their sources. It’s super user friendly, which makes it easy for me because students are able to pick up and run with the tool quickly. I also love that it blends the process of researching and writing seamlessly together.”

— Charissa Powell, Student Success Librarian, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville