The Reading League Compass is a comprehensive platform designed to provide direction to stakeholders and decision-makers so they can make informed decisions about the science of reading.

While more than half the states in the U.S. have passed legislation related to the science of reading, the marketplace is full of misinformation that makes educational leaders vulnerable to implementing practices and buying programs labeled as “science of reading” which in fact aren’t aligned with the scientific evidence base.

TRL has published a comprehensive, no-cost document called Science of Reading: Defining Guide, which delineates a precise definition of the science of reading. More than 55,000 users have consulted this trusted resource by downloading it or purchasing a hard copy. Leveraging the popularity of this publication, along with other cost-free resources from TRL, The Reading League Compass offers curated content, downloadable materials, resources, videos, podcasts, articles, and connections to various organizations, all aimed at equipping stakeholders with a clear roadmap for achieving success.

Stakeholder groups served by The Reading League Compass include legislators and state education agencies, educator preparation programs, administrators and administrator preparation programs, educators and specialists, and those working with English learners and emergent bilingual students.

Formats/platforms used:

The Reading League Compass is browser-based and available via any internet-connected device.

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Problem solved:

The Reading League Compass helps legislators and state education agencies, administrator and educator preparation programs, administrators, educators and specialists, and those working with English learners and emergent bilingual students separate the facts from the significant amount of disinformation circulating about the science of reading. It also offers practical support for teaching practices aligned to the science of reading in the classroom.

Grades/age range:

The Reading League Compass is designed for use by educators and educational decision-makers in K-12 and higher education.

Core or supplemental:

The Reading League Compass addresses the core subject of literacy and offers tools and resources for the professional development of educators, higher education faculty, and educational decision-makers in the area of the science of reading.


The Reading League Compass focuses on literacy and the body of scientific research into effective literacy instruction.


Lesson time needed:

Designed for use by educators, administrators, policymakers and other stakeholders who need accurate information about the science of reading, The Reading League Compass does not require any class time.

Pricing models:

The Reading League Compass is available at no cost.

Additional services needed?

No additional services are required.

What makes
The Reading League Compass unique?

The Reading League Compass is a uniquely comprehensive resource. To help educators and policymakers better understand the science of reading to inform policy and effective classroom instruction, it offers the widest range of materials available anywhere, curated for every stakeholder working in education.


The Reading League Compass is designed to be simple for all users to access and navigate.


This is what users are saying:

“The Reading League Compass has provided the literacy coaches and administrators that I support a place to turn with accurate and reliable information. Being able to find dependable resources in one location is a game changer for those committed to aligned their practices and to make informed decisions around crucial topics like assessment, implementation and best practices. I visit and share The Reading League Compass daily.”

— Stefany Bragg, Literacy Specialist

“This is the most amazing resource, ever! Thank you to The Reading League for guiding our way in literacy. The Reading League Compass is the only place that has everything I need in one place.”

— Michelle Elia, visiting assistant professor, Marietta College

“What a phenomenal website full of such great content.”

— Serpentine Primary School, Australia

“The new tool from The Reading League is Compass, the best way to find your way with the science of reading.”

— The Reading League California chapter