Systems Leadership Versus the Classroom

This special report is about two things. First, learning to lead from a totally different vantage point, one of getting technology to carry way more of the burden of administration, teaching and learning through a masterful plan. This is possible when you finally shift budgets out of paper, and do things with what little paper you now need to contain costs such as workflow and copier controls.

Second, this special report is about becoming acutely aware that security and student data privacy are areas of great concern, both physical and internet security. The internet trapdoors, hijackers and boogeymen are real. Some of the scary facts are from simple carelessness in how schools and some vendors construct their digital transactions – often leaving off the most basic measures like encrypting the transmission. Not cool. Actual heavy-duty liability can come when no one is paying attention to the links, sites, and apps.

The ultimate goal is student-centered learning—real personalization.

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