Tales2Go Releases Android Version of its Award-Winning Service

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Tales2Go Releases Android Version of its Award-Winning Service
Sue Hanson, Contributor

Washington, D.C. – Tales2Go Inc., a leading provider of audio books for the K-8 school market has just released an Android version of its award-winning app. Tales2Go is a Netflix-like subscription service that streams thousands of name-brand audio book titles from leading publishers to desktops, laptops and mobile devices in the classroom and beyond.

Adding a listening component to reading instruction raises reading scores, which is why audio books have been used in classrooms for decades. Proficient reading is the product of listening comprehension (i.e. fluency and vocabulary) and decoding skills. In fact, the Common Core Standards put special emphasis on developing listening skills within K-5 literacy and established reading methods such as The Daily 5 use audio books as part of their program.

Tales2Go CEO William Weil comments, “We’re excited to make Tales2Go available in the Google Play Store. With more and more mobile devices in students’ hands, either issued by schools or on a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) basis, it was important for us to open up Tales2Go to the large and growing Android audience.” He goes on, “We’re also delighted to finally be able to respond to the numerous requests we’ve gotten to make Tales2Go available on Android devices.”

Tales2Go breaks new ground on both the delivery and business model of giving educators and students’ instant access to audio books on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. For example, with Tales2Go, thousands of students can independently listen to the same book simultaneously. And some students may want to check out the physical book from the school or public library and follow along as they listen. Tales2Go is used differently depending on the grade, but ranges from individual to group use, with and without physical books in hand.

For more information on Tales2Go, please visit: www.tales2go.com

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