New Resource Portal and Test Prep Workbook from Learningpod ®

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Provides Go-To Resources for AP Class Teachers and Students
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New Resource Portal and Test Prep Workbook from Learningpod (r) Provides Go-To Resources for AP Class Teachers and Students 

Free online service provides over 50,000 high-quality practice questions to prepare students for AP classes and exams

New York, NY, Nov. 12, 2014- Learningpod®, the fast-growing site that offers free test practice question content from publishers such as Kaplan and OpenStax College, today announced a new resource especially designed for teachers of advanced placement (AP) courses.

Learningpod's AP Questions & Answers, and its new theme-based digital workbook for the AP U.S. History class and exam, provide AP course teachers with a wealth of easy-to-use, go-to online questions they can mix and match to create their own question sets for their students.

Learningpod's Q & A resource organizes extensive AP practice content and information in a dozen subjects, from biology and world history to psychology and economics. Each digital workbook is divided into "pods", which focus on diagnostic tests and categories within the specific subject, such as "The Structure of Government" and "Policymaking" for the U.S. Government and Politics workbook.

"We know AP teachers and students are looking for good questions. That's why we've curated our digital resources from trusted sources," says Learningpod® CEO Jean Seok. "Practicing questions is one of the most effective ways to learn and Learningpod® is an excellent way for teachers and students to prepare."

When students visit Learningpod®, they can browse through the thousands of sets of pods-multiple-choice questions organized by test type (SAT, GRE, ACT) and subject matter. Students can get an explanation of the content related to the question, instant feedback after each answer, and see what percentage of people answered the same way they did.

With Learningpod®, teachers can share or embed quizzes or assignments on their personal webpages or print them out for students. Each pod has its own URL that can be sent to students via email or posted on a classroom blog. Students, and even parents, also have access to the site for free to review tens of thousands of practice questions on a wide variety of topics.

Learningpod's AP U.S. History workbook includes original questions developed by Greg Feldmeth, a respected AP U.S. History teacher and author of several AP U.S. History study guides. The workbook's questions, short passages and images align with the recently revised 2015 exam. According to College Board figures, the AP U.S. History exam is one of the most popular AP tests with nearly 450,000 students taking it in 2013.

When teachers sign up for Learningpod®, they can receive a free download of the AP U.S. History workbook.

Teachers can also search for Common Core- and state standard-aligned pods that are ready to use in the classroom. All of the materials on the site are designed to work on tablets and mobile devices as well as computers.

About Learningpod®

Learningpod® makes learning accessible and efficient through the power of questions. The company is dedicated to making it easy for educators to deliver practice questions online and give students instant access to the extra practice they need. For more information visit and follow @Learningpod.

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