Hooda Math Unveils 50 Math Games for Mobile Devices - All Free

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Site offers 500+ web based and 50+ mobile math games, perfect for 1:1 and BYOD schools
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MINNEAPOLIS, MINN – Hooda Math, K12’s leading resource for completely free, web based math games announces the release of more than 50 non-flash based educational games. The 50+ mobile games can be accessed safely through any browser, from any device, along with the more than 500 web based games at www.hoodamath.com.

Every game offered by Hooda Math is absolutely free, including the newly released mobile games and makes correlations between standards and skills practiced in a game.

“As a middle school math teacher, I realized that my students needed more than a textbook or curriculum to stay engaged and improve in math. 5 years ago, Hooda Math was born as a completely free, web-based educational gaming site. Today we see more than 3,000,000 visitors each month,” said Michael Edlavitch, founder and CEO of Hooda Math. “However, in recent years, BYOD, BYOT and 1:1 initiatives have changed the game, Hooda Math is adapting to meet learners where they are, no matter what device they are using.”

Each of the newly released mobile games are non-flash based and compatible with any web-enabled device. Student favorites like Hooda StackerHooda Dissectionand Hooda Remover were among the first games to be created specifically for mobile platforms.

The shift to mobile is already proving to be beneficial for students – this past December alone, just three months after the site began offering mobile games, nearly one million kids played Hooda Math games from their iPads, Kindle Fires, Android tablets and more.

“Teachers have enough on their plates, worrying about whether or not they can get an app installed on devices their students are using shouldn’t be one of them,” adds Edlavitch. “We take a lot of pride in being a reliable, trustworthy, educational and safe resource for teachers and parents to further engage their students in math, anything we can do to make their lives easier is top priority. Students accessing our math games from their tablets’ browser are automatically routed to our mobile site.”

Hooda Math releases new, free, math games on a weekly basis, from basic skill practice to brain-challenging escape games, a favorite among older students visiting the site. Edlavitch is committed to keeping every game on Hooda Math completely free, visit them at www.hoodamath.com and see which games may be perfect for your students, no matter what device they are using.

About Hooda Math

HoodaMath.com is a free online math games site. Founded by former middle school math teacher, Michael Edlavitch. Hooda Math offers more than 500 free math games that are played online by more than 3 million students a month. With more than 50 HTML5 games, students can now access the site from their iPads, Kindle Fires, Android tablets and more.


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